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Model Trains – Incline

The outer track incline has been cut. I’m still trying to get the grade tweaked, but it’s pretty close already. The C420 managed seven cars but struggled a bit going up. The grade is around 2.5%, so it may need to be lowered a ¬†tad.


Model Trains – Rolling Stock Additions

The first addition to the rolling stock is four Bachmann AAR 40′ steel boxcars under the PRR road name. I got them for $10 each and may modify the road numbers sometime later on. The rub with different manufacturers of locomotives and rolling stock is of course the couplers. Of the five locomotives I currently have, none have couplers that will work with these Bachmann cars except the DCC equipped Atlas C420. I really wanted to see the new cars in action, but the C420¬†doesn’t care for my homebrew PWM power to the track. As a quick fix, I dug out a plain old DC powerpack from a ModelPower set and hooked it up. Eventually, I’ll need to swap out couplers on the locomotives and cars.


Model Trains – Track Designs

Some designs done in SCARM. Started to get a little crazy seeing how much track could be jammed in to the available space. The basic idea is to elevate the top outer track using a ‘cookie cutter’ method on the rigid foam board to a height of around 2 inches. At the highest point in the middle/top, I’m thinking of a bridge. A leg of the inner loop will pass underneath the bridge and may require a negative grade to clear underneath to outer loop. I’m waiting on more track to work out the outer loop and play around with space requirements. I’m not wanting to go over a 2% grade, but even that will require nearly the whole run from the turnouts all the way to the top. For full size view of the pictures below, right click and select ‘open link in new tab’ (Chrome).