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Phonograph Tube Amp

A five dollar purchase at a local antique (junk) store.  Model AE-3 portable phonograph manufactured by Waters Conley Co. for the Library of Congress Division for the Blind (Talking Books). Although the case and turntable are rough, the tube-based amplifier appears to be in very good shape. The plan is to convert this to a portable guitar amplifier.

The phono is most likely ceramic, so a preamplifier stage will need to be added. Not sure whether the circuit incorporates an RIAA tonestack, but if so it will need to be modified (removed). The capacitors will be replaced before use, and for that matter before it even gets plugged in for the first time. Still trying to decide whether to replace the three section C8 power cap with three individual electrolytics or try to find another new/nos can. On a previous Magnavox 8601 amp recap, I opted to yank the multi-section cap, but space was tight as a result. The speaker will be replaced as well.