Magnavox 8601 Mods

Current modifications to a Magnavox 8601-20 SE tube amp for stand alone use. Removal of caps & resistors on inputs to eliminate tone control circuit provided by separate preamp / tuner. Increase bypass cap & 2nd power cap to help bass response.

AE-3 recap, mod and test

The first round of refurbishing and testing the AE-3 tube amp is complete. Alterations thus far are: Replaced all three 50uf / 25v capacitors with new electrolytics Removed R1, R3, and C1 Installed 1/4″ mono jack in place of phono cartridge input Temporary install of IEC power cord (ground is not used yet) Tested with the trusty [...]

AE-3 & Kalamazoo Model 1

After doing some research on the Talking Book AE-3 circuit, it appears to bears a striking resemblance to the Gibson Kalamazoo Model 1. The Kalamazoo places the volume control with the tone stack between the 12ax7a stages and reduces the overall passive parts count. It also uses the more common 6bq5 as opposed to the 6cm6 [...]