AE-3 & Kalamazoo Model 1

After doing some research on the Talking Book AE-3 circuit, it appears to bears a striking resemblance to the Gibson Kalamazoo Model 1. The Kalamazoo places the volume control with the tone stack between the 12ax7a stages and reduces the overall passive parts count. It also uses the more common 6bq5 as opposed to the 6cm6 in the last stage. For now, it looks like the only major modifications will be the removal of R1, R3, and C1 from the input line. I have also decided to replace the multi-section power capacitor with a similar new-old-stock Cornell Dubilier 40-40-10 @ 450V purchased on Ebay for $35, as well as ordering three 50mfd/50v axial electrolytic caps from Angela Instruments for $12. The dinky 4″ speaker will be replaced after the amp goes live and is tested.