Sun Sparc5 Resurrection


masochist (plural masochists)

  1. someone who enjoys pain, or who derives pleasure from harming oneself or being harmed by others
  2. someone who attempts to re-purpose a Sun SPARCstation 5 by installing NetBSD.

A few notes on SPARCstation 5’s and NetBSD (sparc port):

This information applies to the sun4m SS5 110MHz version, but most likely applies to the 170MHz version as well.

  1. NetBSD 5.0 has a serious bug  when run on the SS5 wherein long lines in screen output cause a lock-up. This may not affect serial console connections, but it was enough to deter any further setup with the 5.0 version.
  2. NetBSD 4.0 installs fine (as did 5.0), but seems to have bug in regards to resolving DNS for package source paths.
An entry such as the one above yields a 'no route to host' error during pkg_add.