Biquad Dish Assembly

Assembly begins! Note that the instructions provided by Pete at are printed and at hand for reference. Measurements are taken of the distance between the center of the old feedhorn to the mount arm as well as the length from the feedhorn center to the dish center. These are used afterwards to align the biquad and for mounting.

The element has two holes drilled roughly 1/4″ from the edge. I used a variable speed drill press, but a regular drill would work fine as well.
Drilled biquad  Drill Press

The element after mounting to adjustable arm.
Element after mounting to arm

The center of the satellite dish is marked for reference.
Center of satellite dish

The support is removed for easier drilling. Due to poor measurements and marking, two additional holes are drilled. Measure twice!
Dish support  Measure twice!

Completed unit. Zip ties are used to keep the pigtail in place and provide additional strain relief.
Completed unit  Closeup of mounting